Other Fees & Charges

Merchandise Sales

The User shall pay to the City of Mitchell a twenty percent (20%) commission of gross sales on merchandise sales (T-shirts, tapes, CD’s, etc.). The User is responsible to sell the merchandise and will provide a count of all merchandise to the Corn Palace Director.

Alcohol Sales

Alcohol Sales within the Corn Palace and Outdoor Plaza are provided by Corn Palace Staff utilizing an approved "Retail On-Sale Liquor License" #RL-22978 owned by the City of Mitchell and the World's Only Corn Palace.  Alcohol requested for events will be acquired and distributed by Corn Palace staff.  Revenue sharing of sales may be an option at the discretion of the Corn Palace Director after completion of the Alcohol Sales/Consumption Exhibit.

State Merchandise and Ticket Sales

The User shall pay to the SD Department of Revenue eight percent (8%) on merchandise and ticket sales. User must have South Dakota sales tax license and provide proof of the same to the Corn Palace Director as a condition precedent to any such sales.

Set-Up Conversion

The User shall pay a change of venue fee up to the sum of $1,000 for converting the Corn Palace arena into a different set-up (if applicable).

Scoreboard Operator

The User shall pay for a scoreboard operator a fee in the sum $20/hour (if necessary).

Music License Fee

The User shall be responsible for paying license fee for events where any music is played, i.e. bands, background music, concerts, etc., to BMI, ASCAP and SESAC. The charges are based on ticket price, number of seats available and gross ticket sales.

Box Office Staffing

The User shall pay a fee for Box Office Staffing upon request, as follows:
  • Box Office Staffing: $25 per hour
  • Ticket Printing: Upon Request